Why B2B companies can use MilesWeb’s reseller hosting?

February 26, 2023

There is a wide range of services and products that B2B companies worldwide offer. Some of them are also in the technical domain. Small and medium size B2B enterprises who are seeking additional earning opportunities can add one product range of web hosting too. Now, they must not get worried about how to set up a web hosting infrastructure. MilesWeb the leading reseller web hosting provider founded in 2012 will provide them with the same. 

If you are also looking to be a reseller, don’t worry about the investment. MilesWeb offers the best reseller hosting plans at a budget-friendly price. Being the leading web hosting firm they offer different features and hosting services that bring reliable outcomes. In this guide, we will highlight some major reasons why B2B companies must opt for MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services.

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What is Reseller Hosting?

Buying server resources from the web hosting firm and reselling them further to their own clients means reseller hosting services. In simpler words, enterprises re-rent these resources to their customers. If you are also an enterprise looking to become a reseller, MilesWeb is a perfect choice. It is because they offer 100% white-labeled reseller hosting services that also give Plesk reseller hosting

MilesWeb will be your parent hosting provider, where resellers will get plenty of resources like servers, control panels, bandwidth, and many more. Also, at some time, you need certain tech support so enterprises will not have a burden to manage IT operations. MilesWeb understands this issue and thus provides reliable tech support 24×7 via live chat and email to their clients. 

What kind of Businesses Can Opt to Use Reseller Hosting Services?

Any kind of B2B company can opt for reseller hosting services. Whether you are a technical industry or non-technical industry, MilesWeb’s reseller hosting gives you the perfect choice. Below we are mentioning the benefits of reseller hosting services. 

Advantages of Reseller Hosting for Businesses

Low capital investment is required to start

It doesn’t take a lot of capital to start a reseller hosting business. Buy a plan based on your realistic expectation of how many customers you’ll have at first. Your business can scale pretty easily with Reseller Hosting since you can easily scale your plan. You should be able to do it within a few minutes if you use a good hosting company. Initially, you may choose a conservative plan and gradually scale it up as your business grows. 

No Requirement for Specialized Skills

As businesses are dealing with the hosting operation but having the basic Linux operating system. Businesses must have relevant tools and some knowledge about the same. However, many businesses do not have the same. MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans will give you an extra advantage by offering all reliable support 24×7 and server resources to host your client’s mission-critical websites. As you grow your business, you’ll automatically get familiar with the more specialized tools.  

Low-risk business model

Buying servers, hiring someone to set them up for you, and paying people to maintain them regularly would be necessary to start a full-fledged hosting business. A failed business would leave you with a lot of servers, but no customers, which means that your servers would be pretty much useless. 

Reseller Hosting doesn’t require you to buy servers at all. Additionally, the hosting company is responsible for maintaining the servers and ensuring their uptime. By providing customized plans and greater customer support, you bridge the gap between the hosting company and the customers. For whatever reason, if your Reseller Hosting business fails, you simply cease your Reseller Hosting service. That’s literally all that you’ll have to do. 

Growth in Digitization Across the Country

The entire world is embracing digitization and thus the requirement of web hosting infrastructure will increase. In such a scenario, B2B companies can resell web hosting infrastructure to their clients and digitize their business by hosting a number of websites. Even if they are able to capture a small portion of the web hosting market, there is a scope that these resellers will earn a good profit margin. 

B2B companies will easily earn a significant amount of income easily with the help of reselling hosting space to their clients. 

A Low-Risk Business Strategy

You would need to acquire servers, employ someone to set them up, and pay people on a regular basis to maintain them if you wanted to launch a full-fledged hosting firm. You would have a lot of servers but no customers if your firm folded for any reason, making your servers essentially useless.

You don’t have to purchase the servers while using reseller hosting. The hosting firm is also in charge of keeping the servers operated and maintained. Your role is to provide more individualized plans and superior customer service to fill the gap between the hosting firm and the clients.


B2B companies will easily earn a significant amount of revenue through their products and services. But adding the reseller hosting services will give them a good amount of income. After all, it is a risk-free business model and MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services is 100% white-labeled. As a result, B2B companies resell web hosting infrastructure under their brand name.

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