Best BlockChain Development Companies in India

Are you looking for the best Blockchain development companies in India? Do you want to ensure that your project is in the hands of experienced professionals? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top Blockchain development companies in India that can help you develop a secure and reliable blockchain-based application. Read on to find out more!


Blockchain technology is a modern/latest way of securely storing and transferring data in blocks which makes it difficult to hack, change, or get manipulated. Blockchain can change the whole web system as well as can bring advancement to a lot of industries, from banking and finance to healthcare and insurance(As it is nearly impossible to track it).
In BLockchain digital assets/ledger are distributed between the people. It is not transferred or copied.
As the need for blockchain rises, a lot of tech companies have started providing services related to blockchain in India.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the best blockchain development companies in India, including Hyperlink InfoSystem, Fusion Informatics, OpenXcell, HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, AppSquadz, BrainMobi, eSparkBiz, and Schogini Systems.

9 Best BlockChain Development Companies in India


QBurst is a leading software provider in India, enabling enterprises to apply digital technology to their business context. Their data-driven solutions provide proficiency in creating applications in blockchain technology.

With years of experience, their developer and programmers can build secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain-based applications for various industries. They provide custom solutions to clients according to their needs with a high level of trust and security.

They also deeply understand the current trends in blockchain technology, ensuring their clients receive the best solutions for their specific requirements.

Other Services offered by QBurst:

  • Cloud Enablement
  • Data AI
  • Digitalization
  • Digital Marketing
  • End-to-End Solution Provider

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Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the leading web, mobile app, and BlockChain development companies in India. It was founded by Harnil Oza. Hyperlink InfoSystem has created some of the most innovative and advanced solutions for clients from around the world with over experience of more than 10 years in the fields of web and mobile app development.

Their services range from creating custom BlockChain solutions to developing smart contracts, decentralized applications, and more. They have worked with some of the biggest companies like Indra Capital, Lapits, Middeft, LT Infotech, Hashcash Consultants, Bitdeal, and Infosys.

Their team of blockchain developers are experts in the field and can provide you with high-quality solutions that meet your exact needs.

Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is one of the top BlockChain development companies in India. It has a team of skilled and experienced developers/programmers that are updated and informed in all the latest technologies, including BlockChain technology. 

Fusion Informatics offers complete end-to-end solutions for developing and creating decentralized apps. Apart from blockchain development, they also offer a wide range of services such as consulting, web design, web development, AI, CLoud Solutions, Internet of THings(IOT), Data Science, Machine Learning, and maintenance services for various industries.

Fusion Informatics has been recognized and awarded by many organizations for its excellence in the industry.


OpenXcell is a leading Blockchain development company in India and USA. Established in 2009, they have been offering wide services to users worldwide. 

With their team of highly experienced developers, they are well-equipped to handle any kind of project related to Blockchain. Their expertise lies in developing decentralized applications, smart contracts, cryptocurrency wallets, and much more. 

They also offer enterprise-level solutions for businesses looking to build robust and secure Blockchain solutions. With their years of experience and expertise, OpenXcell can help you increase your business productivity and maximize your ROI.


HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is a top blockchain development enterprise in India that specializes in website development. They have a team of experienced developers who are proficient in blockchain technology and can create custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

Their solutions are designed to help businesses improve their efficiency and reduce costs. They also provide comprehensive support for their solutions, so that companies can get the most out of their investment. 

With HireFullStackDeveloperIndia’s help, businesses can make sure that they are taking advantage of the latest technologies available and staying ahead of the competition.


AppSquadz is one of the most reliable and renowned blockchain development company in India. The company has a team of experienced developers who are well-versed in developing high-end blockchain solutions for businesses worldwide. 

AppSquadz specializes in developing Android, iOS/ iPhone, and hybrid mobile apps, CRM solutions, AI solutions, IoT development, and blockchain applications. They provide the best infrastructure and working environment to ensure that their clients get the best possible service.


BrainMobi is one of the leading blockchain development agency in India, renowned for its innovation and adoption of technologies that can help businesses improve their processes and operations. 

With over 250 apps developed, 100 happy clients, and 80 BrainMobians, this company has been rated as the top mobile application development company by Silicon India. They offer detailed client reviews and have highly experienced iPhone and Android developers who have been providing exceptional services with the help of their cutting-edge technology.


eSparkBiz is one of the leading blockchain development companies in India, providing private, public, hybrid, and custom blockchain solutions. With 12 years of experience in the IT industry and a team of experienced professionals, they offer comprehensive blockchain solutions to their clients. Their services include smart contract development, cryptocurrency wallet development, blockchain application development, and more. 

They also provide NFT marketplace solutions and help businesses move their operations to the blockchain. eSparkBiz is committed to helping organizations leverage blockchain technology and develop secure, scalable, and adaptive solutions that fit their needs.

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Schogini Systems

Schogini Systems is another well-known name in blockchain development services. They are a team of experienced professionals who have been providing world-class solutions to their clients since 2004. 

The company specializes in developing distributed ledger technologies, blockchain-based applications, and smart contracts. Their team has extensive experience developing custom blockchain solutions and provides support services like system integration, security audit, and testing. 

They provide cost-effective and secure solutions that help businesses to improve their processes and increase their efficiency.

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