7 Best SEO Companies in Toronto

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In the era of a digital revolution, it is essential to have an online presence. If you fail to have a good online presence you fail to grow.

So one of the best and most effective ways to achieve or improve online/digital presence is through SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Although SEO is not an easy task as it requires time and expertise to manage it. Not all companies/businesses have that.

That’s where SEO companies come in. In this article, we’ll look closer at the top 7 SEO companies in Toronto that can help businesses achieve their online goals. 

List of 7 best SEO Companies in Toronto

In Toronto, many marketing firms offer different services, making it challenging to find the best SEO companies. These companies include Brandlume, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Edkent Media, Search Engine People, A Nerd World, seoplus+, and Brand & Mortar. So, make sure to carefully analyze their services and choose an SEO specialist that aligns with your business needs and budget. 

  1. Brandlume
    Brandlume values upfront wholesale prices, zero long-term contracts, and unmatched industry-leading customer service. They empower over 6400 clients worldwide, including 400+ marketing agencies that sell their services for 2-5x as much. Brandlume caters to startups, medium-sized companies, and multi-location enterprises, delivering measurable ROI using Amazonified hassle-free experiences. Choose Brandlume as your partner for award-winning SEO services in Toronto. 
  2. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
    As one of the top SEO companies in the United States, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency offers a full range of digital marketing services. They also provide their services in Canada (Toronto) as well.
    They have 140+ employees who provide tailored SEO strategies to businesses of all sizes. In the digital landscape, Thrive provides businesses with high-quality SEO, local SEO, pay-per-click, and conversion services. 
  3.  Edkent Media
    Edkent Media is an award-winning digital marketing company in Toronto, specializing in SEO services that help companies generate more traffic, leads, and sales.
    With expertise in on-page optimization, technical audits, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and custom SEO strategies and execution, Edkent Media follows a systematic process to ensure its clients achieve results.
    Their domain experts from different verticals provide custom solutions for unique needs, making them a trusted and reliable partner for any business looking to grow its online visibility and achieve its business goals. 
  4.  Search Engine People
    Search Engine People is a well-known and respected SEO firm based in Toronto, boasting two decades of experience in search engine optimization. They have worked with a considerable number of clients and employ a staff of over 60 specialists providing a variety of digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, content promotion, and digital strategy.
    They create individualized plans for each customer, and their data analysis and reporting techniques give an advantage to businesses looking to reach their goals. Their slogan is “SEO experts”, and it accurately reflects their SEO expertise in Toronto.
  5.  A Nerd World
    A Nerd’s World is an SEO and web design company in Toronto that has helped companies grow for over 15 years. What sets them apart is their commitment to providing their clients uniquely personal attention to keep them in the loop as digital campaigns unfold.
    They offer several SEO packages depending on your needs, which include services such as website audits, on and off-page optimization, keyword research, link building, and more. Their team is passionate and confident that their company will place your website on the first page of Google through highly adaptable custom strategies that make sense with your business and industry.
  6. seoplus+
    seoplus+ is a digital marketing agency in Toronto that provides various services such as SEO, content marketing, and web design. Their team of skilled professionals offers personalized solutions to help their clients achieve their business goals. They have a customer-focused approach, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible service. seoplus+ helps businesses of different sizes and industries generate more leads and revenue through their effective and efficient digital marketing strategies.
  7.  Brand & Mortar
    Brand & Mortar is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Toronto that specializes in branding, website design, social media management, content marketing, PPC advertising, and SEO. It offers a personalized approach to each client’s needs and has experience in WordPress and eCommerce website design. As a trusted agency since 2011, Brand & Mortar has helped thousands of businesses grow and establish themselves as leading brands in North America. Its team of experts is dedicated to delivering excellent results and increasing brand awareness for its clients.


At the end of the day, it’s essential to pick an SEO company that works with your business objectives and beliefs. With many choices in Toronto, it can be tough to pick one. But by looking at factors like skill, background, and a focus on outcomes, you can narrow your options and choose the right one.

Based on our research, some of the best SEO companies in Toronto include The Tech Gigs, Brandlume, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Search Engine People, seoplus+, etc.
Ultimately, the key to success with SEO is to work with a company that understands your business needs and can deliver a customized strategy that drives results. 

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