Best/ Top OTP SMS Service Providers in the Market

Are you looking the Best OTP SMS Service Providers for you Business? If yes, then this blog would be helpful for you starting with SMSCountry, Telesign, MSG91, Fast2SMS etc.

Are you finding The Best OTP SMS Service, Providers? If yes, then this blog would be helpful for you!

Before we go into that, let’s get a few things straight.

With the advent of technology, OTP (One-Time Password) SMS Services have become a quite common term these days, but its origin in India can be traced back to 2011. It was the time when RBI laid new guidelines for Go Air customers making payments by credit/debit card. The guidelines stated that Go Air customers making payments through debit/credit cards need to have a mandatory OTP. Since then, OTP services gained momentum in the Indian market and are now extensively used by financial organisations and businesses like banks, e-commerce portals, websites, etc. The reason for using this service is the high security that it provides when dealing with any transaction by adding an extra layer of protection to them.


Now, let’s look into what exactly is an OTP SMS.  A One-Time Password SMS or an OTP message in layman’s language is a group of numeric or alphanumeric characters automatically generated for a single login attempt.

The purpose of using an OTP SMS is for authentication. The OTP SMS is sent to the user’s phone which is then entered by the recipient to confirm his/her identity. It is valid for only a specific time period and for one-time login access. This is useful in minimizing the risk of fraudulent login attempts and thus, reducing the risk of getting data stolen. 

The Best 6 OTP SMS Providers

With technology becoming an essential part of life, cybercrimes and fraudulent acts are also taking a toll on their users. In this situation, an OTP message is the need of the hour. 

An OTP SMS, as the name suggests is a one-time password and is valid for only a specific period of time which helps in reducing the risk of fraud by confirming that the credit card owner and the person making the transaction are the same. Though there are many OTP SMS service providers to reduce your work, we have a list of The Best 6 OTP SMS service providers to improve your cyber security:


With top-notch services from email-to-SMS, bulk SMS, and voice SMS, to API integration, Smscountry tops the list of best OTP SMS providers. It has a network base of over 550 in more than 200 countries. It allows users to send their OTPs with unique sender IDs for better recognition by recipients. It also takes into consideration the need of users to integrate external eCommerce plug-ins into software such as Zen Cart, CS-Cart, BigCommerce, etc.
SMSCountry Services:

Headquarter: India


Another OTP service provider in this industry is TeleSign, which lays its focus on two-factor authentication services. It deals with social media websites allowing users to have additional security for their accounts. Offering patented phone-based verification and two-factor authentication, which uses time-based, one-time passcodes in the form of OTP SMSes or voice messages, makes it a user-friendly company. Besides this, it offers Digital Identity and Programmable Communication services ranging from PhoneID, Integratable voice calling in apps, and Rich Communication Services (RCS).
Headquarters: Marina del Rey, California, United States
CEO: Ryan Disraeli (7 Mar 2019–)


Established in 2007, Fast2sms (a SID GROUPS Venture) is an affordable bulk OTP SMS service provider with quick delivery. It is a platform that helps in sending promotional, marketing, OTP, and SMS alerts. Customized SMS along with multimedia like jpg, mp3, CSV, pdf, and zip are also provided by it. With such quality and professional service, it ranks 3rd in the list of best SMS service providers.

Headquarters: India


A reliable OTP SMS service provider Exotel ranks at the fourth position in offering cloud telephony services at an enterprise level. One of its products, nOTPTM, includes an OTP SMS service that offers two-factor authentication, passwordless logins, resetting of passwords, and spam prevention allowing the users to authenticate and verify their transactions and logins without the need for third parties. Exotel extends its services all over India and South-East Asia. 
Headquarters: India


2Factor (by Solv Technologies) is a cloud mobile messaging platform that uses A2P messaging services. This OTP sms provider develops its services in-house, specializing in A2P SMS, 2-factor authentication, and telecommunications APIs. Services are provided in both text-based and voice-based options. Real-time reports are also available for users as and when the SMSes are sent. 
Headquarters: India


Founded in 2008 under the parent company, Walkover Technologies, MSG91 offers cloud communication platform services across 800 networks in 190 countries. It focuses on solutions and business communications and mainly deals with SMS, e-mail, voice, WhatsApp, and RCS via APIs.
Headquarters: India

Benefits of OTP SMS

  1. Security: The first and foremost benefit of OTP SMS is security. OTP refers to the one-time password that is used to log in to bank accounts, transactions, and account verification and it is difficult to track by thieves.
  2. No Need to Remember: As the OTP SMS is randomly generated there is no need to save it or remember it.
  3. Helps in improving the User experience: SMS or multi-factor verification provides the user a trust factor and research by Sinch shows 73% of users show trust when their account and information are safe. That leads to improvement in user experience.


User information, accounts, and online payments are all verified using OTP services, which is the most reliable technique. With the OTP service, you can easily and rapidly implement every check by sending codes through SMS, e-mail, or voice without any added complexity. As a result, it is preferable to use OTP SMS services to safeguard your cyber security.

Now that you are aware of the best OTP SMS service providers, the services they offer, and how these services can be a boon for your organization, you can decide which one to pick according to your business goals. 

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