Best/Top Bulk SMS Service Providers in 2023

Are you struggling to find the best and most reliable BULK SMS Provider for your Business? Here is the list 1. SMSCountry 2.Txtlocal 3.2factor

“Connecting people and technology”
The above quote holds true as per today’s technology and scenario. To communicate and connect with people, we use the internet, chat & messenger apps, SMSs, emails, etc. But in terms of business & professional perspective, marketing is an important tool to reach out to target customers and retain them with selling skills and strategies.

Nowadays, in this cutthroat digital competition, it has become very difficult to run the business and reach out to the exact customers. Preserving and retaining customers is also another step in business administration, and earning maximum ROI from the customer base is a very crucial step in the whole procedure.

Currently, Indians have around 800 million smartphones and this number could be increased to 970 million by 2024. As compared to email marketing, SMS is one the least expensive ways to reach out to the target customers because the open rate of SMSs is quite higher as compared to emails. Hence, marketers use several techniques to thrive their business in which bulk SMS is one of them.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a marketing service that allows companies to send SMS in lots to a huge number of users. It is an old form of marketing compared to internet marketing but still more important. As SMS has more than 70% open rate when compared to other media like emails. So it is a cost-effective and fast way to connect with users and customers.

To cater to this service, there are a lot of bulk SMS providers across India who charge very nominal fees but in return, their services are far better. Are you looking to bolster your business? Are you tired of low open rates of emails? Are you looking for the best SMS provider? No worries, your search ends here. 

Explore this article properly and have a look at the top 10 best Bulk SMS providers which will be very fruitful and productive for your business.


Following is the list of the top 10 Bulk SMS Service providers:

1. SMSCountry

SMSCountry is the trailblazer SMS provider company. Their fast and bulk OTP-based SMS services help businesses engage with the customer effortlessly and swimmingly. Businesses can rely on this text messaging service. To enhance communication through SMS services, SMSCountry has alliances with 550+ global networks across all the countries in the world. Their main features are OTP SMS, Promotional-based SMS, Transaction-Based SMS, Voice SMS, and WhatsApp Messaging.

2. TextLocal

Textlocal is a UK-based SMS provider that caters to its services in India. They provide easy-to-use and thorough bulk SMS services in various regions. However, its pricing is a bit higher but in terms of quality and customer service, they are far better and their price is worth it.
Its main features are:
a) Email to SMS Gateway

b) Missed call Services

c) Mobile Surveys

d) Personalized bulk SMS campaigns in approximately 20 plus languages

e) Receive report/sales inquiries through missed call services

f) Attach files like brochures, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. in SMS campaigns.

Pricing: Starting at ₹29.5 paisa/sms

3) 2factor

Another bulk text messaging provider on the list is 2factor. This is quite a fantastic service because it features pay-per-delivered OTP. The speed of OTP is around 4-6 seconds faster as compared to other OTP-based services. 2factor works on API variations in all kinds of services like promotional, transactional, 2-way SMS and phone verification, etc.
Furthermore, it protects the user’s authenticity and privacy from unwanted elements. It provides a proprietary routing algorithm to re-route failed or unsend messages via backup generators. 

Pricing: Starting at ₹0.16-.025 /sms

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4. Exotel:

Considered one of the best bulk SMS providers, this is a full-stack customer engagement platform that comprises various communication APIs. Since its establishment in 2011, this telephony platform has been catering to small and medium enterprises across the world.
Around 4000 companies located in the Middle East, India, and Africa are directly associated with this platform. Renowned brands like Ola, Redbus, and 1MG use Exotel’s SMS services to serve customers.

5. Bulksms

One of the leading message service providers, Bulksms is a 2-way communication service that is enabled from an internet-enabled device. It offers applications to messaging services to small and medium-scale industries. Having a presence in more than 190 countries, this platform permits every client to adapt easily and deploy its service accordingly. 

6. Twilio

It is the most versatile bulk SMS provider which is used to send text messages as well as Whatsapp messages. Its programmable API is quite magnificent and it has robust messaging capabilities.  Its pricing is based on destination devices, the message type, and the carrier to which your SMS is being sent. Hence its pricing model is quite fair as compared to other SMS providers.

Pricing: $ 0.0075/message.

7. Slicktext

Slicktext is a mass messaging SMS provider that provides robust and powerful solutions to businesses for communication to the desired customers. As we know, SMS has become the top and best mode of communication or you can say it helps marketers to reach out to the exact audience. The working method involves some business keywords that you created initially. When people text your business keyword to the short code, they will get an instant reply. Similarly, in Slicktext you can also customize automated replies for your customers.

8. Gupshup

If you are in the marketing industry then Gupshup is a name that you must have heard of because it is the oldest SMS provider in the industry. Providing a seamless conversational experience to the customers, this service offers API, 30+ messaging channels, and various conversation builders. You may be surprised to hear this platform manages around 6 billion messages per month and handles 40,000 brands.
Its pricing structure is given below:
–25,000 messages will cost you around Rs 4750
–50,000 messages will cost you around Rs 8000
and so on.


EZtexting is a SaaS company that renders services in the fastest and most reliable ways. For business owners, this is considered the number one platform in terms of reliability. Businesses communicate with ease with the help of EZtexting solutions. Various messaging campaigns are created through this bulk SMS service.

10. Fast 2 SMS

Last but not least, Fast2SMS is the most wonderful platform that uses bulk SMS, OTP SMS, Promotional SMS, and Multimedia SMS. The working model is the same as that of previous bulk SMS providers but the pricing structure is quite nominal. Per SMS cost will be Rs 0.20 based on your selected package. 

Note: The order can be changed as they are the best SMS Service provider


Well, it doesn’t matter which Bulk Text Messaging service is best, which plan have you selected? The most important things that matter are ROI for the business, open rate, customer care, access to SMS APIs, pricing models, data security, etc. Hope you have read the whole article and decided which platform suits you the most and at what price you would buy it.

So choose your bulk SMS service provider accordingly. 

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