Best AI Content Detector Tools: Both Free and Paid

Here is the list of 5 Best AI Content Detector and AI Content Checker Tools. 1. , 2. Content at Scale 3. 4. ZeroGPT
January 05, 2023


Do you use AI tools to write content?
Do you want to know whether the content is written by a human being or some AI content generator tools like chatgpt, writersonic, or Jasper.?

So, there are a lot of questions in the minds of Content Writers, SEO, and Bloggers like Can Google detect AI Content?

The answer is Yes and No. According to Google’s John Mueller, they can detect AI-scrapped content, penalize the website, and degrade its ranking. But in reality, there are so many websites that use AI Content writer tools and they are still ranking at the top of SERP.
So we will be seeing an update in algorithms that will properly detect AI-written content and then all those websites will be penalized.

Is there a need to use AI tools for writing content?

Well, the answer is pretty debatable. Some will say we need AI content and some will say we don’t require it.
So why do people use it if it is not required?

1. Cost: AI Content scrapper tools or generator tools are available at low prices. One can get them at a minimum price of $10 or even less.

2. Speed: If you hire a human for the best ghostwriting service then that person will create an outline, do keyword research, search and find sources, and then write content but AI tools can write the same content within a few minutes. 
3. Accuracy: The content is not 100% accurate but it is more than what is required and easily understandable by the readers.

What is an AI Content Detector?

AI Content Checker is a technique to detect the content written by Artificial Intelligence tools. So the AI COntent checker or AI Content Detector tools also use artificial intelligence to detect the content written or generated by them.

Best Free and Paid AI Content Detector Tools:

Originality.AI – It is a paid plagiarism and AI Content Detector tool founded by Jonathan Gillham. It is one of the best AI Detector tools available in the market that can detect the content generated by Chatgpt and GPT3.5. The Performance of this tool is shown by the Plagiarism check and AI Detection score.


ZeroGPT is a detector tool to check for AI plagiarized content, to detect whether a given text is written by ChatGPT or Google BARD, or any AI tool, or if it is human-written.
Since ChatGPT is now booming and being used widely, there is a big need for an accurate and advanced AI detector. Based on the DeepAnalyse™ Technology, the solution developed by ZeroGPT’s expert, ZeroGPT is now one of the most accurate and reliable AI text detector tools.
After analyzing a million articles and content, some generated by AI and others written by humans, ZeroGPT’s team has developed the most advanced detector of AI content, with an accuracy rate of text detection higher than 98%. When a text contains a mixed signal, some sentences that are generated by AI and others that are written by humans, ZeroGPT detects and highlights the sentences written by AI and gives you a gauge percentage of the text that is generated by AI.
What we know is that the experiments are still ongoing, and they are aiming to analyze a billion articles and text and converge to an error rate lower than 1%.
With more than 1M active monthly users, and growing month over month, ZeroGPT is now the leader in AI plagiarism detector since it answers all the requests needed by internet users who trust us (Professional writers, students, educators, freelancers, copywriters), with new refined and reliable technology.

AI Detector Pro: A combination of AI Detection and Writing Tool

Simple detection and humanization platforms ignore a key element of AI content:
that AI writing sounds robotic to the human ear. Whether or not you pass
detection, your writing may not pass muster when read by a human, and you may
still be accused of cheating, or passed over for a contract. This is why the AI Detector
Pro added editing features to their advanced detection technology, so you
content creators make their writing sound more human while simultaneously
checking whether they passed other detection programs. Their features include AI
Detection, Google Sheets & Word Plugins, an AI Tone Mapper, Auto Re-write, AI
Dictionary, and AI Phraseology. While you can view every feature in their 3 Free
reports, you must upgrade to a Paid Plan to use their advanced features. Learn
more at

Winston AI

Winston AI is the leading AI detection tool built for publishing and education. It can easily and accurately detect AI-generated content from ChatGPT, Gpt-3, Gpt-4, and Bard. 

It has many powerful and unique features, including the ability to scan long-form text, upload PDF and Word documents, and even OCR for scanned documents. 

Winston also offers a cutting-edge plagiarism scanner and readability assessment to assist copywriters in the age of generative AI. You can try Winston AI for free. 

Content at Scale AI Content Detector: It is a free and one of the most accurate content detector tools in the list. So it detects the AI Content by NLP, a mix of 3 AI Engines, and checks Google(Crawl) to show accurate results. Content AI Detector: is an AI Content generator tool. It also has an AI content detector that is easy to use and detects the content before publishing. It detects the content and shows you the percentage of it. It is a free tool but not as accurate as Content at Scale or

Crossplag AI Content Detection Tool:

It is one the most comprehensive AI content Checker tool and plagiarism detector tools. It is majorly developed for education institutes as content generated by AI is posing a threat to education and academic sessions.
Apart from Education, it is also developed for SEO, content marketing companies, and publishing houses to check the quality of the content as Google does not like AI written Content. You just need to copy the content and it will tell whether the content is written by a Human Being or by an AI Tool.
The major drawback of this is you just need to change some words and it will make the content written by humans.

Other AI-written Content Checker Tools


Major Disadvantages of these tools:

The one and foremost disadvantage of the AI content checker is that when you change some of the words from the content it can not detect them. I have personally checked content at scale and written AI content detector tools.

Why AI Content Detector tools are required?

  1. Check the accuracy: AI-generated content is not always accurate and there are errors in it. So it is not original nor written by Human Beings
  2. Formatting: AI written content has a specific structure and it works according to the specific structure. So the AI detector tools check those specific formats and structures to detect the content.
  3. Repeated Content: Most of the time AI-generated content has some sort of words, or phrases that have been repeated consistently in the post, blog, or article that a normal human being will not do
  4. Grammatical Errors: When human beings write content it has more accuracy and the chances of grammatical errors are less. Even we(human beings) check the content in Grammarly to get the errors fixed and even it goes through various checks by different personnel before publishing or making it live.


You can use AI Content on your website but it should be thoroughly checked whether it can be detected or not. So before publishing one needs to check the content and should be edited manually by a human being so that it is not detected by these AI detector tools and by Google.

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