Can google detect ai content?

Google can detect AI content if it is not modified before publishing but when you have updated the content and added proper stats then it is difficult.
January 11, 2023

Most of us have doubts while using AI content writer or AI content generator tools like can Google detect AI content?

How does google detect ai content?
Whether we should use AI content writers or not?
Will there be a negative impact on our website if we use AI Content?

Google is doing hundreds or thousands of updates in searches every year. After the launch of ChatGPT 3.0, there has been numerous chatter among the SEOs that if we use the AI content will the website be penalized by google algorithm updates or not?

So Chat GPT is launched by Open AI where we just need to provide the title and it will write a whole article for you in a few minutes if not in seconds. So it uses the web to scrap the content and then write it in its own words.

Google says using AI content can lead to ranking drops and should be penalized.

How does Google Detect or Check AI Content?

  1. Content that contains keywords in it but doesn’t add any value to the users.
  2. Content that has been translated by the automated tool without editing.
  3. Content that has been written by an AI generator is of low quality.

Yes, Google can detect AI Content theoretically. So Does it see AI Content?
Google has given specific guidelines to check the AI content; if it finds out the same in some websites, it will penalize them.

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Here are the Guidelines:

For more info please read  google webmaster guidelines for  automated content generation

Google Policies for AI COntent

In Google Office hours, Duy Nuegen from the search quality replied to this question “How should content creators respond to sites that use AI to plagiarize the content, modify it, and then outrank them in search results?”
And said they(Google) have the algorithm to detect AI plagiarised content and then can demote the websites that are using content that is scrapped from other websites.

Google: We Have Algorithms To Detect & Demote AI Altered Plagiarized Content

The main thing with google right now in content is related to High quality and low-quality content.

Benefits of Using AI Content or AI Tools

  1. Saves Time: Using AI Content writer tools can save a lot of time .it can provide the content within minutes when we compare it to the Human Being.
  2. Cheap: AI Content writing tools are cost-friendly and cheap when we compare it to hiring a content writer or giving it on a freelance basis. It can cost $5 -$50/ month when one can get more than 10000 words of content while a content writer can cost up to $300/month.

The drawback of AI COntent

  1. The similarity of content: The content written by AI Tools is written in the same tone. So it is easier to detect the content. Even, one can notice the grammatical and punctuation errors in it as we can see long paragraphs without line breaks.
  2. Demote Websites: The websites that use AI content are at risk because google has clearly said using AI content will be considered spam and they will demote them.
  3. Content Scrapping: Most AI tools scrap content from the web and then rewrite it in their own words. So this lacks uniqueness and creativity in the content.


One can use AI Content on websites but it should be thoroughly checked. We need to make the proper changes in the content to make it unique and creative so that it won’t be detected by the AI Content Detector tools. AI Tools can be so helpful when used in the correct way.
We can use them for short forms of content, use them for generating outlines for blogs, articles, or pages.

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