5 Best WHMCS Development Companies

Here is the list of top 5 WHMCS Development Companies.1. Modules Garden 2. WHMCS Global Services 3. WHMCS Smarters 4. WHMCS Digital
April 03, 2022

WHMCS is Web Host Manager Complete Solution is a Web Hosting Billing and Automation Software i.e. is a developer-friendly tool that saves time and can be integrated with web hosting control panels and domain registrars.

With WHMCS Integrated into your website, you can start a Domain Reselling business, automate your web hosting business, Billing Automation, A Complete Support Suite, and a developer-friendly platform.

Here is the list of Top WHMCS Development Companies for Web Hosting Companies:

1. Modules Garden

Modules Garden is one of the best and leading development company in WHMCS providing services since 2011. They provide custom development of modules, and superior WHMCS Solutions to customers to make your business reach your potential users.

They are best known for their customer experience, better quality, and on-time completion of projects

 Their Services Include:

  • WHMCS Modules Development
  • System Integration
  • Software Customisation
  • WHMCS Theme Customisation
  • Developer Outsourcing
  • Other Ecommerce Platforms Services(They also provide services for WordPress, Magento, Blesta, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)

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2. WHMCS Global Services

WHMCS Global Services was established in 2013 and is a leading WHMCS Development Company. After Modules Garden, WGS provides ample services to its clients that use WHCMS for their billing and automation services. Most of their client is from the Web Hosting industry and have experienced developers. The only con is the timely delivery of projects.

WHMCS Global Services Provides various services that include:

  • WHMCS Theme
  • WHMCS Integration
  • WHMCS Custom Development
  • WHMCS Modules and add ons

3. WHMCS Services

As another well-known and top WHMCS provider, WHMCS Services provides high-quality modules and Addons that allow you to customize WHMCS functionality. From the beginning to the end of a successful online business, the company offers comprehensive solutions to meet all of your business needs.

  • Services offered by them are:
    WHMCS Integration
  • WHMCS Modules
  • WHMCS Ad On
  • WHMCS Custom Development

4. WHMCS Smarters

WHMCS Smarters offers its WHMCS customers every type of customized service, including WHMCS installation and configuration (including theme customization, payment gateway integration, provisioning, and server configuration), and more.

Furthermore, WHMCS Smarters has already developed a diverse set of WHMCS modules that are compatible with a variety of accounting solutions.

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5. WHMCS Digital

A leading provider of WHMCS services, modules, and themes to clients worldwide, WHMCS Digital is a  new WHMCS Development company. Established with the vision of helping to manage web hosting businesses easily and precisely with our unmatched and powerful WHMCS solutions. Experts and certified developers are always working to solve problems for the company.

Services Offered by WHMCS Digital:

  • WHMCS Integration
  • WHMCS Themes
  • WHMCS Modules
  • WHMCS Custom Development
  • Server Management


With so many emerging WHMCS development companies in the current WHMCS industry, it can be difficult to find a perfect match that is both reliable and reputed to cater to the needs of your web hosting business. This is where this compiled list of the best 6 WHMCS development companies will assist you in making an informed decision while searching for a company. You can now select the best WHMCS Development from the list without hesitation and easily access their WHMCS-related services for your web hosting business needs.

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