Best Chrome Extensions for 2021 by Google

The Year is going to end in a few days and Google has just revealed the Best Chrome Extensions of 2021. Chrome is one of the most used and popular browsers with a lot of great features and functionality that come along with it.

All the year Developers have built so many Extensions for Chrome that make it a lot easier to use, made more productive and personalized while you are on the web to improve your workflow. Although not all of them are put in place in 2021.

Here is the list of Top Chrome Extensions by Google:

Communication and Collaboration

Best Communication and Collaboration APPS

  1. Loom: You can easily record and save the videos and share them with others.
  2. Mote: With mote one can easily add voice comments and create % share voice notes with others.
  3. Word Tune: This tool will help you correct typos in emails and documents by rephrasing sentences.

 Productivity –  Best Chrome extensions

  1. Forest: Create a virtual tree planting and reward system to increase productivity.
  2. Dark Reader: It enables dark mode on all websites to protect your eyes.
  3. Tab Manager Plus: You Can Manage multiple Tabs with it.
  4. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder: Captures screenshots, and records videos from your screen.

Virtual learning

virtual-learning Apps
  1. Kami: Providing students and teachers with an interactive online learning environment.
  2. InsertLearning: Easily create interactive learning experiences for any website!
  3. Toucan: Helps you to learn a new language by surfing the internet.
  4. Rememberry: Helps you to translate words while surfing and fill up your dictionary using flashcards.

Best Miscellaneous Chrome Extensions

  1. Stylus: Provides help with building and installing custom themes and skins.
  2. Rakuten: Finds coupons and deals across the web by finding them automatically – a particularly useful tool during one of the busiest years for online shopping.

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