7 Best Digital Marketing Institutes In Ludhiana

Are you searching for the finest Digital Marketing Institutes in Ludhiana? If yes, then you’re at the right place!

The concept of Digital Marketing isn’t a new one because it has been there for a few years but gained momentum during the pandemic, and that was the time people realized its importance. Since then, its importance has grown. Now, it has become the most profitable career, and therefore, many people are learning the skill of digital marketing to unlock new doors of opportunities for themselves. 

Digital marketing has taken over the traditional form of marketing and revolutionized the marketing industry completely, so, learning it is the need of the hour. The knowledge gained from learning the fundamentals and strategies of digital marketing will never go in vain. Being a lucrative industry, the return on investment in it is very impressive as the average income of a digital marketer after an experience of 2-3 years ranges between 25k-70k per month.

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7 Best Digital Marketing Institutes In Ludhiana:

Keeping in mind the increasing scope of the Digital Marketing industry, you might not be surprised to see numerous institutes in Ludhiana offering digital marketing courses. This is the most trendy topic to talk about, especially for the ones looking to pursue their career in the field of Digital marketing. From the long list of institutes, we have brought the top ones for your convenience. The following are the best digital marketing institutes in Ludhiana:

  1. Webbaba: Webbaba is a phenomenal Digital Marketing Institute in Ludhiana offering knowledge of the digital world through their erudite staff along with practical exposure. They will help you in getting acquainted with industry-leading tools such as Youtube marketing, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, WordPress, and many more that will help you in your journey of Digital Marketing. 
  1. 7Boats: 7Boats is an incredible Digital Marketing training institute located in Ludhiana. This institute is well-known for providing advanced digital marketing courses with internship and placement assistance. They are well-known for teaching their students techniques of business marketing using various platforms like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc. Since its establishment, 7Boats has trained more than 40k students and won many awards and recognition, therefore, it is an institution of excellence. 
  1. Digital Grow Up: Founded by Bharat Kumar in the year 2008, Digital Grow Up is one of the best digital marketing coaching Institutes in Ludhiana. You can choose from a variety of courses according to the time duration convenient for you. The institute has courteous staff and offers certification of completion along with assistance too. 
  1. College Of Communication and Information Technology (CCIT): With an experience of over 25+ years in the field of Information and Technology, CCIT is a spectacular Institute of Digital Marketing in Ludhiana. With the experienced faculty and their digital marketing course in Ludhiana covering more than 20 modules including keyword research, SMO, SEO, PPC, and many more, the institute takes pride in training its students to face the competitive world of marketing. The students after completion of the course are awarded certification by the institute. 
  1. Digital Marketing Aid (DMA): Another remarkable digital marketing institute in Ludhiana is DMA. The institute offers different types of courses in Ludhiana ranging from short-term, advanced, and diplomas in digital marketing with certifications designed by industry experts and professionals. Students get the experience of working on live projects, corporate training with job assistance, and digital marketing certification as well. 
  1. Proideators: Proideators is one of the top digital marketing institutes in Ludhiana that offers a variety of courses such as SMO, Google certification, SEO certification, etc. by assisting the learners to get practical exposure to all digital marketing tools. Their community of experts helps in providing useful guidance to future digital marketers. From the comprehensive courses and internships to the certification and placements, the institute takes care of everything. 
  1. AkashWebs: AkashWebs is one of the leading institutions of Digital marketing in the Ludhiana city of Punjab. With expert personnel of 12+ years of experience, they aim to train their students to make them interview-ready by making them familiar with concept-based learning rather than cramming. To date, AkashWebs has trained over 7000+ students and 800+ international students. The institute offers many courses with live projects and 100% placement assistance plus certification by them. 



Digital marketing certification will help you enhance your CV and get an edge over others in this cut-throat industry of marketing. After learning it, one can either work as a digital marketer in any MNC or just do it as a freelancer according to your own sweet will. 

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